Tim's personal home page.

This page contains various materials about amateur rocketry. There are no any articles about explosives and etc.

Мой сайт переехал на другой хостинг . Эта страничка обновляться больше не будет.

Richard Nakka's Rocketry Web Site (Eng, Html)
Some NASA Design specs on Nakka's website (Eng, pdf)
COSMOS/M Heat Transfer Module Docs (Eng, pdf)

Strength of Jet engine combustion chamber (simple approximation) (Rus, Html)

Some time ago I have found that there are too many pictures on my WWW server. These pictures was used in various discussions on Airbase forums. Now I have decided to make catalog of these staff and public my ideas on this page.
Air drag force coeff. and optimization. (Rus, Html)
Decreasing engine ignition delay. (Rus, Html)
Stress of fuel grains (dynamic loadings). (Rus, Html)
My igniters construction. (Rus, Html)
Rocket power source - bateries parameters (size, weight, voltage, capacity). (Rus, Html) (Updated 3 Feb 2003)
Rockets testing on rotation stand. (Rus, Html)
Displacement sensor for thrust measure. (Rus, Html)
Thrust measure sensor and schema. (Rus, Html) (Revised 19 Feb 2003)
Composites basic. (Rus, Html) (28 Feb 2003)
Frequency meter algorithm. (Rus, Html) (28 March 2003)
Handbook of Composites. Scaned containts - 3 Mb of images!!! (Rus, Html) (21 May 2003)

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